Branding Advania

Pioneers in insurance innovation.

Digitalisation is also unstoppable in the insurance and financial sectors. Numerous consulting and comparison portals and online insurers are significantly increasing competitive pressure and making it more difficult for large insurers to operate in an exceptionally rapidly changing market. How do you retain customers if your risk cannot be placed? How do you strengthen your sales representatives to provide comprehensive and long-term customer care?

AAs one of the world's largest insurers with more than 125 years of experience, Allianz has responded to these changes in the market with an innovative business model - a dedicated brokerage company that acts as a valve broker for Allianz.

„Allianz makes every insurer's dream come true: The right ace up your sleeve for every risk.“

We have supported the DAX Group in this significant challenge: A corporate development associated with high legal requirements and a very compressed time window of a few weeks. The top priority was to create the necessary freedom that makes a successful and disruptive approach possible in the first place. Since this prerequisite is rarely given at the company's headquarters, we provided an interdisciplinary team in our innovation space to create the basis for close and efficient cooperation.

Together with the Allianz team, we quickly got into our innovation sprint approach and generated valuable results in a very short time. Thanks to a high degree of flexibility and flat hierarchies, which are more common among smaller start-up companies, we could reconcile these results with the internal legal audit on the Group side in record time. The result: ADVANIA, an up-and-coming Allianz start-up with a legally compliant communication architecture - from brand strategy to naming and branding.

How will ADVANIA operate in the future? This question is confronted with a complicated ventilation process currently being carried out analogously in relevant process areas for legal reasons. In close coordination, we have analyzed this process and developed resilient approaches that result in a considerable simplification of the process and meet data protection requirements. We have thus fired the starting shot for a digital ventilation process.

One thing is already sure, however: ADVANIA will strengthen the presence of the alliance's representatives in the commercial and industrial customer sector and convince with high-performance products from a single source - simple, solution-oriented, and individual. From now on, there is no risk that the Allianz representatives cannot place. This is an essential step with which the Group is securing its future and is able to meet the challenges of an ever-faster digital change in the market.