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We are at your side as things change with time

We are companions

We are in the position to provide teams to meet our customers’ precise needs. Exclusively dedicated teams, project-based teams on a fixed time basis or teams of freelance specialists. We can provide our services on the customer’s premises, from our headquarters in Oldenburg or at (almost) any location on the planet

At the same time, we see ourselves as a flexible and creative provider of inspiration that identifies potentials, conceives solutions and realises them in the shortest possible times with agile methods and iterative processes.

How collaboration with us works

We provide inspiration

Here are several examples in which you can read how we can assist you in the realisation of your objectives. There are no rigid standards, the flexible assignment of specialists to the team takes place in close dialogue with you and reflects the requirements of the specific project.

A typical example:

Industry 4.0

Your enterprise is planning to digitalise its production processes.

For this, we set up a team for your project with a project manager, a process analyst, an innovation engineer, a software developer, and interface designer and, if required, a motivation artist to inspire your own team to actively collaborate in the project, despite all misgivings and fears. We work together on the definition of project objectives, the project roadmap, the timing and the budget – and we take care of everything else.

A typical example:

Energy 2.0

Your enterprise wishes to develop a new business model for the energy market of the future.

We would be pleased to set up a team for you – for instance with project management, an innovation engineer, a creative director, an interface designer, a software developer and, if you wish, we would also be glad to provide the services of a mediator to accompany your own team and ensure that no one loses their nerve in view of the currently volatile market situation and ensure that everyone can see change in a positive light.

A typical example:

Working World 4.0

Rigid working concepts. Antiquated structures, rigid hierarchies. Personal responsibility – what’s that?

In this case, we would set up a team for you with project management, coaches, organisation developers and innovation managers that would accompany your team, assist them in the development of a positive attitude to the new structures and inspire them to participate and make an active contribution. Does this sound too good to be true? Let’s get together and talk.

A typical example:

Communication 2.0

When conventional advertising alone doesn’t bring the desired results, that’s where we come in.

First of all, we get together with our clients to develop really good, honest and authentic products, services and service portfolios. Then, and only when we are truly convinced, we provide further support with innovative techniques that enable us to find an unusual marketing concept that promises success. For this approach, we set up a team for you with a project manager, designers, marketing specialists, brand managers and interface designers which helps you to recognise, develop and set out on new routes to success. We put our heads together with you to define marketing objectives, a roadmap, the timing and a budget, and then work together with you on successfully establishing your products and/or services on the market.

Address problems and solve them together

We are troubleshooters

Has your project come to a standstill? Do you need outside help? We also have two examples of what can be done to give you a better idea of how we work.

Typical example:

Interim management

Is your project simply not progressing as expected? Can’t you recruit the person you need to fill a key position at short notice? Do you need temporary human resources to get you out of your current low? We provide the services of individual specialists or teams to meet your precise wishes and needs. Just ask us – we’ll see what we can do for you.

Typical example:

Change management

Nothing is as constant as change. All enterprises are constantly confronted with processes of change. The problem: change is rarely a pleasant experience for your employees. In reality, fears, rejection and resistance to the extent of total deadlock can be the order of the day. We provide a team of change management specialists to guide you through the process. What’s so different about the way we work? Together, instead of side-by-side. Collect, integrate and listen. [Anmerkung: Abholen hier unklar] What sounds so simple is often done wrong at an early stage. When you take advantage of our extensive expertise from similar projects, things will very often be back to normal and running smoothly again in no time at all. Depending on your wishes and needs, we can provide coaches or professional teams to accompany your change processes and guide you to success. Just ask us – you’ll always find a sympathetic ear for your wishes.

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