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The way we work

We are team players

We offer widely differing areas of expertise for the development of innovations. We combine experimental approaches from the creative segment with software development methods and the technical foresight and inventiveness of engineering.

Our knowledge and expertise from the areas of innovation development, strategy, concept development, design, prototyping and programming come together in a unique interplay of disciplines.

Thanks to the diversity of our personalities, abilities, points of view and methodologies, we are in a position to realise extraordinary results.

In this, we are much more than a project developer: we accompany and encourage the people we work with to surpass themselves in a team. This establishes an exchange that goes far beyond a mere relationship between client and service provider as a means to an end.

We pursue development in various service areas

We are thinkers and doers

We develop individual building blocks or complete solutions: new products, extraordinary services or previously unimagined business models.

In the course of this, we accompany and assist our partners in all phases of the process from concept and design to technical realisation and market launch.

Engineering & Consulting

What happens when engineers, creatives, consultants and technologists work hand-in-hand on the development of new things?

They not only look good– they work as well.

Design & Creativity

Where is the sense in new products that have countless features that fail to fulfil the true needs of their users? We need new methods and we must strike out in new directions.

Technology & Prototyping

How should we react to the fact that speed is increasingly the key to success when launching new projects or products, regardless of the markets or industry segments?

Our service process

We are accelerators

In recent years, product development as we originally knew it has changed almost beyond recognition. Today, everything increasingly revolves around rolling out new projects and products as fast as possible. Try, learn, improve and achieve success by iteration.

Today, the product development cycles of several years we are all familiar with are neither competitive nor desirable. Today, addressing market change frequently means development with new, agile methods like design thinking or MVP (Minimum Viable Product, i.e. a product that fulfils only minimal requirements and basic functions).

The background to this is the desire to work with maximum economy regarding costs, time and resources, despite significantly increased complexity.

The target: the achievement of results in the shortest possible time.

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.
Theodore Levitt