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We are at your side as things change with time

We are Engineering & Consulting

What happens when engineers, creatives, consultants and technologists work hand-in-hand on the development of new things? They not only look good– they work as well.

Led by a graduate in engineering and an IT-expert, our projects are carried out by a team of innovation developers, architects, engineers, IT-specialists, graphic designers, interface designers, industrial designers, project managers, software developers, concept developers and, depending on the project, numerous freelance experts.

Our engineering and consulting expertise in the areas of innovation development, strategy, concept development, design, prototyping and programming results in unique forms of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Thanks to the diversity of the personalities, abilities, points of view and methodologies within our teams, we are in a position to provide an extensive portfolio of exceptional consulting services.


  • Product development expertise
  • Technological expertise
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Industrial design
  • 3D-modelling


  • Digital strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • IT security
  • Platform selection
  • Project management
  • Innovation management


  • Design thinking
  • Scrum
  • Agile working methods
  • Project development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Potential development
  • Personas / use cases
Engineer: solving problems you didn’t know you had in ways you can’t understand.

We create the connection between aesthetics and functionality

We are Design & Creativity

Where is the sense in new products that have countless features that fail to fulfil the true needs of their users? We need new methods and we must strike out in new directions.

Today’s product development processes have become extremely complex and elaborate and are frequently accompanied by a multitude of problems. In many cases, it demands investments of considerable amounts of time and money and, despite this, it remains uncertain whether the product will be accepted by the market.

This is why we take a different approach.

In our projects, we first develop a prototype with only the absolutely essential functions. In addition to the clear advantages of saving considerable amounts of both time and money, this above all enables us to reduce the risks involved to a minimum.

At the same time, earliest-possible market entry enables us to quickly and directly assess whether the idea and the product have any chance at all of being a market success.

Further functions based on real customer feedback are then realised only when users signalise concrete interest.

The way we see it today, design no longer means making a product look great, creating a cool corporate logo or developing an even classier marketing campaign. Our approach is based on interdisciplinary thinking outside the box and the courage to blaze new trails.

From print to digital, from virtual to augmented reality, from model building to 3D printing and from touch interfaces to holograms. We constantly redefine the leading edge of creative design and strive to be a pioneer and leader in this sector.


  • Brand development
  • Corporate identity / corporate design
  • Interface design (UI)
  • Industrial design & product design
  • Marketing 2.0 / social media


  • User-centric design
  • User-experience design (UX)
  • Marketing
  • Innovative marketing and communication solutions


  • Design-thinking
  • Agile project development
  • Minimum viable product creation
  • Lean-startup methodology
  • Eye-tracking / usability testing
Some people think design means how it looks but of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.
Steve Jobs

We employ the simplest measures to minimise project turnaround times

We are Prototyping & Technology

How should we react to the fact that speed is increasingly the key to success when launching new projects or products, regardless of the markets or industry segments?

We combine IT-technology with methods from the creative sector. This enables us to realise products or projects with significantly shorter turnaround times. Instead of relying on endless spec sheets and lists of customer requirements, we prefer pragmatism and fast, tangible results.

Our aim is to gather first concrete insights with real solutions at the earliest possible stage, rather than running up hours of lost time in the search for empirical knowledge to create a semblance of perfection. If the concept is viable, and user feedback is really good, we expand our concept by iteration and change and adapt it until we successively achieve our goals. This all takes place under the dictates of strict rules and clear structures.

Our success proves us right – it significantly reduces our project turnaround times and users are much more satisfied than they would be with conventional methods.


  • Development of case studies
  • Iterative prototype development
  • Interdisciplinary prototype construction
  • Testing / evaluation


  • Front end development
  • Application development
  • Mobile development
  • E-Commerce frameworks
  • Content management


  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Extreme programming
  • Feature-driven development
  • Behaviour-driven development
  • Scrum / Kanban
If you think technology can solve your problems, then you don't understand the problems and you don't understand the technology.