Instead of the usual Idea Challenges with almost no impact, the Innochallenge is an approach to bringing a real product to market and let your teams learn how to develop new products within record time.

The side effect? You can identifiy the best talents in your corporation by giving them the chance to shine, while the motivational level will rise drastically.

All this within 10 weeks!

Get Started

Keynote Talk

The Innochallenge starts with a Kick-off Keynote by Dipl-Ing. Lars Behrendt, CEO of the renowned Granny&Smith Innovationlab.

With his more than 15 years of experience in practical innovation development, he will explain how to develop products that customers really love and motivate your team to do the same in this Innochallenge.

Session 1 IDEATE Q&A

You want to make an impact and learn how to innovate new products and services? Then profit from the Innochallenge as a unique opportunity to make your idea into something tangible.

Talk about your idea, learn how to present it to the jury and convince potential investors so that they would want to make it a reality together with you.


You have built the first version of your pitch deck and now you need to become aware of what you really need for its implementation?

Remember that you will finally have to convince the jury of the value your idea.

We will help you with practical insights, tools, storytelling and personal sparring.

Session 3 Pitch PERFECT

In this session, we will finalize your pitch and practice together.

Did you get what it takes to convince the jury that your idea deserves to be implemented in your company or even be brought to market?

Use our experience gained in more than 500 successful product development projects to make your pitch “perfect”.

Pitch Day&JURY

This day is all about you and your idea. It all comes down to your pitch and how it will convince the jury of the greatness and value of your idea. You are well prepared and please remember: you have nothing to lose and whatever the outcome will be – you will have learned a lot.


You are among the chosen ones?

Then you can join the Innovators’ Bootcamp, a compressed online course that will help you implement  your idea.

Learn how to bring your idea to market in the fastest way possible. Get on the fast track to innovation while staying focused. Learn to make your product a success.


The winner takes it all: Welcome to the INNOWEEK®

You convinced the jury and now your product will be prepared for market launch within a joint INNOWEEK®.

Develop and test your idea by investing nothing more than one week. Use our proven practical innovation framework resulting from numerous innovation projects with well-known DAX corporations, Fortune 500 companies, and over 50 start-ups.

Get. Real. Innovation. Within one week only.

The Innoweek Execution Process

Here you go. By the end of the INNOWEEK®, you will have built your testable prototype, a brand, website and campaigns.


Kickoff Workshop & Joint Product Vision


Design your First Prototype


Build and Optimize your Prototype


Promote and Launch your Product


Measure the Product Success with Real Buying Customers


Here you go. By the end of the INNOWEEK®, you will have built your testable prototype, a brand, website and campaigns.

All this needs to find its way to your dream customers. In order to receive meaningful results, part of the INNOWEEK® will also be dedicated to determine your target audience and find appropriate marketing channels.

Now it’s time to get them acquainted with the tangible vision of your idea.

market answer

With your tangible result from the INNOWEEK®, i.e. your prototype, and after determining your target audience, you are ready to get feedback from real buying customers.

Let the market answer and the results do the talking.

Find out whether your dream customers will really like what you are going to build.

scale or kill: the market decides

Awesome or awful – scale or kill – that’s the question. Your dream customers don’t obviously like what you wanted to build? Your idea is rejected? Don’t worry.

Your attempt and effort were worth it. And you just spent one week – while gathering lots of experience.

You nailed it? Ready to go. Now is the time to scale your idea. Get ready for your next career step, now!

Get a certificate and a book after completing the Innovation Challenge

Congratulations! Challenge completed. Get your Innovators’ Certificate and the #1bestseller “Get.Real.Innovation.”, which may be a helpful guide for your future innovative activities.

May the innovator’s force be with you.