Boost your business by entering lucrative european markets

We help you boost your business by entering lucrative European markets. Don't forgo a unique opportunity to power your sales.
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Why not make your business more profitable by discovering new markets?

Benefit from our expertise in opening up new markets and providing any relevant support for positioning your business in Europe.

Make yourself seen

You and your products deserve to be seen – not in your country only. Based on a one-week test model, we'll find out with you whether there is a product-market fit.
A subsequent social-media strategy will help you reach best your target audience.

Increase your revenue

Very often there are drastic price differences between domestic and foreign markets.
We help you increase your revenue by entering foreign markets with the individual market approaches needed in Europe.

Cut out the middlemen

Acquire all the know-how it needs to establish your business in Europe.
No need for more intermediaries. We show you how to participate directly in the European market.

Guidance and expertise for entering lucrative european markets

Profit from our sound knowledge of European markets and product-market-fit testing. We know about possible barriers and how to overcome them.
Learn everything it needs to discover European markets and establish your business abroad.

Our Service

For 15 years, we have been helping a variety of forward-thinking companies to enter (new) markets.
As an innovation agency, we help companies like yours to create new markets by reinventing the given status quo. We will help you to adapt your products to European standards and characteristics while developing compelling services and completely new business models.
$0,30 in Thailand
$2,20 in Europe

Do you
know this?

Certainly not. In 1975, the energy drink “Rating Daeng” was launched in Thailand, where it has been produced by T.C. Pharmaceuticals since then.
In 1982, while on a business trip to Asia, Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian entrepreneur, acquired the licensing rights for that brand and founded the Red Bull Company Ltd. in Austria in 1984.
The rest of the story is well-known.

innovation process

But what had happened so that Red Bull became such a success?
Well, in order for the brand to become a top seller, it had to undergo transformation first: adaptation to Western taste and different packaging design.

The result?

While a bottle of Rating Daeng costs about $0,30 in Thailand, you pay about $2,20 for a tin of Red Bull in Europe.
What if you could achieve yourself much higher prices for your products? What if you could get support for their adaptation to European markets?
What if you could get support for a suitable marketing strategy and legal advice?

Why content yourself  with doing business in the domestic market if there is  a big foreign market with lots of growth potential waiting for your brand to  be established there?


With Germany you have a strong economy by your side. Moreover, you may profit from government grants, which don’t exist in other European countries.
We are certified to provide official state funding to establish your business in Germany, too. This varies from grants for digital marketing of up to 16.5 K EUR or 27.5 K EUR for new innovative products. Bigger fundings are possible, but vary  depending on the individual situation of project.


Define STRATEGY & goals

First we'll work out a solid go-to-market strategy including best possible price points to achieve the best revenue in your future markets.

Product-Market-Fit Test

Based on a one-week test model, we'll prepare and build everything it needs to go to market in Europe.
Together we will find out if there is a product-market fit and what maximum price you can achieve.


A subsequent marketing & social-media strategy will help you reach out to your target audience.
No need for expensive classic media spending. All testing will be done in the world of social media.

Enter lucrative european markets by cutting out the middlemen

Our team of experts will enable you to enter lucrative European markets by cutting out the middlemen. Don't depend on third parties for doing business in Europe.
Profit from the Direct-2-Consumer (D2C) trend and let us show you how to use it to make your business successful in Europe.

What you get

All the know-how it needs to establish your business and your brand in lucrative European markets.
Expansion of your target audience and reaching out to them with a social-media strategy tailored to your needs.
Revenue boost by cutting out middlemen and achieving substantially higher prices than in your domestic market, thus taking your business to a higher level.
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