What the dictionary says:

“Product design is about creating a design for consumer or capital goods to help brands create successful products.”

More specifically, it is the process of identifying a gap in the market, clearly defining the problem, developing an appropriate solution to that problem, and validating the solution with real users.

A product design agency represents the interface between many areas within an organization. On the one hand, it must ensure that corporate design is not disregarded and on the other hand, it must ensure functionality. It also keeps an eye on the future manufacturing costs resulting from the design.

A professional product design agency is creative while being cost aware.


One of the most important tasks in product design is branding.

At best, the customer should identify themselves with the design of the product and, above all, recognize the manufacturer in the product.

Some well-known examples are often cited: Apple, Braun or Porsche. Even if their products are revised again and again, you can recognize them directly by their design.

One of the most important tasks in product design, however, is the creative development of ideas. For this, it is necessary that the product design agency responds to the wishes of its customers and deals thoroughly with their needs. Therefore, an approach that goes beyond the classic processes is required, as a successful product designer must put themselves in the consumer’s or buyer’s place. This includes for example hidden motives that even the customer is often unaware of. In addition to innovative marketing ideas, economic thinking is one of the new tasks of a product design agency. It happened too often in the past that products were developed to be beautiful, but were absolutely market alien.

Therefore, the daily tasks of a product design agency include, among other things, intensive customer consultation, solving delivery or packaging problems, and dealing with complex processes and systems. User research, data analysis or system design also belong to the tasks of a product design agency.


An experienced product design agency offers much more than mere aesthetic design.

It combines innovation with aesthetics and marketing, responds to the needs and wishes of customers and develops a sustainable and, at the same time, functional design, which not only endures on the market, but is well-loved loved by customers.

Communication is of particular importance here, because it is the only way for a product design agency to gain real access to a brand's identity. Communication is essentially different from advertising. We are convinced that really good products do not need advertising in the true sense of the word, but rather speak for themselves as soon as they have achieved the appropriate visibility on the market.

Of course, aesthetics should not only reflect the identity and function of a product. A good product design agency refrains from ornate decorations and flashy shapes. True product design icons keep their design visually simple and convince on an emotional basis.

In the end, a product's functionality takes center stage. That's why, during product development, we intensively observe how our products are used by our customers. We then optimize them iteratively from prototype to prototype and always enter into direct dialog with our customers as quickly as possible. In this way, we don’t only gain exceptional speed, but above all significantly reduce the risk of failure in product design.

Furthermore, as a professional product design agency, we scrutinize things down to the last detail and create real solutions for the future. In doing so, we determine the market potential of a product under economic aspects. We believe that what a good product design agency has to offer is, above all, a well thought-out and innovative strategy that pushes your brand and philosophy.

Today, product design has become a cross-functional task. Typically, product designers work closely with engineers, software developers and economists, which is why good communication skills are also critical to a product designer's success.


After a product design agency receives an order, it first starts by looking into the future. Here, for example, a press release from the future is used to define what impact the solution should have on the market in the next 5 years.

Most importantly, the product design agency will try to develop a better understanding of the mindsets of potential users. This product visioning phase can take the longest, but is of tremendous importance. After all, the better the end goal is understood and defined, the better products can be developed.

This is followed by the challenge of formulating a specific customer problem, for which the product will provide a solution.

Next comes the creative part of product development: design. Usually, a product designer works here with brainstorming or various sketches.

After the design of a product comes the construction of a prototype. This part is also of particular importance because the prototype is tested with a specific target audience before it is launched on the market. This way, the agency can get information about bugs or suggestions in order to further improve the product.

After the initial testing phase, the product is usually iterated until it is released to the market, as soon as possible. But the work of a product design agency does not end with the first release of the product.

Now the analysis of customer feedback begins. The agency checks how well the product is received by the market and what improvements should be incorporated for the next iteration of the product.


There is a variety of things for a product design agency to consider.

In product design, the time-honored principle is "less is more." A good design should be durable, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and above all, unobtrusive. Simplicity and clarity are critical to good design.

Another important detail to pay attention to in product design relates to consumers. A product design agency should not aim to merely meet the expectations of consumers - their expectations should be exceeded. Any good product design agency should therefore go beyond the minimum and iterate the product until the customers literally pry the product out of your hands.

Another principle of product design is product utility. Product innovation is not about technology, but always about how customer problems are solved. Here it is important to formulate a customer problem for which the product provides a simple answer. A good product should primarily address one problem only. Today, the "Swiss army knife" is hardly required anymore.

The last aspect relates to the functionality of the product. If this is not given sufficient attention, the design fails. Because first and foremost, the product must be useful and help people. What sounds logical is often done wrong. In fact, if people do not find a use for the product, it will not be successful.


A product design agency accompanies you in every phase of your product development.

Small and medium-sized companies in particular benefit from working with a product design agency, as this allows them to reposition themselves on the market and continue to develop products in line with the growing demands of the target group.

Product design agencies also help your company with websites and social media communication, thus modernizing your brand and helping you get higher attention.

In addition, product designers manage to give your brand a new identity with innovative branding. It is a fact that the success of many companies is often due to successful branding.

A product design agency offers much more than aesthetic design. It is your creative partner to implement your business venture innovatively and economically, while positioning you uniquely in the marketplace.

It is an agency that works with you to develop effective solutions for your brand.


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