the future Insurance business

Digitalisation is unstoppable – in the insurance and financial sectors as well. Numerous consulting and comparison portals as well as online insurers have been significantly increasing the competitive pressure and making it more difficult for large insurers to operate in an exceptionally rapidly changing market.

As one of the world's largest insurers with more than 125 years of experience, Allianz has responded to these changes in the market with an innovative startup to be part of the Allianz Group.

„Allianz makes every insurer's dream come true: an ace up your sleeve for any risk.“

innovation sprint

We are proud of having supported the DAX Group in building a corporate startup to face their challenge.

With an interdisciplinary team, we managed to implement an innovative business model within record time.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the Allianz team and our innovation sprint approach, we achieved valuable results within a very short time.

After about 7 weeks, ADVANIA, the Allianz startup was born. However, what was particularly important, it even met the high legal requirements.


Thanks to the simplification of digital processes, in compliance with data protection regulations, it is now possible for the Allianz Group to cover any risk while also responding to the needs of industrial and commercial customers.


How will ADVANIA be operating in the future? ADVANIA is the perfect solution to adapt to changing requirements in a dynamic and fast-growing market. ADVANIA is a future-proof product, which shows that innovative spirit can also help long-established big corporations to close the digital gap and face new challenges.


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