LinkedIn Marketing Week

LinkedIn – the central hub in the B2B space. During the "LinkedIn Marketing Week," we will develop a customized strategy for your company. By the end of the week, you will have a clear, detailed roadmap for successful LinkedIn marketing.

Why Strategy Weeks with Granny & Smith?

Constant distractions, heaps of meetings and countless calls?

Unavailable colleagues, your day-to-day business getting in the way, or are you overwhelmed with all these lots of emails, messages, phone calls, and a never-ending to-do list?
With today’s multi-project management, people work a lot and hard – often without seeing real progress. This is frustrating and has been getting a major issue particularly in corporates.

We do it differently now

One week, one topic, one team, one tangible result.
Instead of working on the same topic over and over again, for weeks or months, we focus on solving a single task – without any distraction.
For this we use our proven one-week framework.
Not only does that provide tangible results. It also makes work fun again.


Individual strategy workshop:

  • In-depth analysis: We’ll start with a full analysis of your brand, including strengths, weaknesses, market opportunities and customer perception. Together we’ll get an overview of your previous marketing strategy, expenditure  and successes.
  • Target group identification: Detailed definition and understanding of your target group for the development of a customized LinkedIn-marketing strategy.

Development of your marketing strategy:

  • Positioning: Position your company and brand on Linkedin so that you’ll clearly stand out from your competition.
  • Marketing approaches: Define marketing approaches for your business and find out how tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you with your marketing.
  • Storytelling: Learn how to use emotional storytelling to get the attention and win the hearts of your target audience.

Strategic implementation:

  • Action Plan: Establish a comprehensive, step-by-step action plan that specifies how to implement your LinkedIn-marketing strategies.
  • Resource planning: Analyze and plan the resources needed to effectively support your strategy.

Final presentation:

  • Strategy presentation: At the end of the week, you’ll present your LinkedIn-marketing strategy.
  • Feedback and adjustments: Final feedback for fine-tuning your marketing strategy to be a perfect fit for your business.

Your benefits:

  • Personal advice: Direct collaboration with our top strategists.
  • Customized solutions: A LinkedIn-marketing strategy tailored to your brand and business.
  • Long-term perspectives: Clear guidelines and plans that ensure long-term success.

Who is the LinkedIn-Marketing Week suitable for?

This intensive week is ideal for business leaders and marketers who want to develop a specific LinkedIn-marketing strategy tailored to their business.
Are you ready to use LinkedIn for your marketing and set the course for your success there, too?
Get in touch for your LinkedIn-Marketing Week.
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