Product Strategy Week

During the "Product Strategy Week," we will jointly develop an effective product strategy tailored precisely to you. After this intensive week, you will have a clear and structured roadmap that precisely aligns your product offerings for the future.

Why Strategy Weeks with Granny & Smith?

Constant distractions, countless meetings and calls?

Unavailable colleagues, your day-to-day business getting in the way or are you overwhelmed with all these lots of emails, messages, phone calls, and a never-ending to-do list?
With today’s multi-project management, people work a lot and hard – often without seeing real progress. This is frustrating and has been getting a major issue particularly in corporates.

We do things differently:

One week, one topic, one team, one tangible result.
Instead of working on the same topic over and over again, for weeks or months, we focus on solving a single task – without any distraction.
For this we use our proven one-week framework.
Not only does that provide tangible results. It also makes work fun again.


Individual strategy workshop:

  • Market and competition analysis: Start with a detailed analysis of the market and your competitors to identify opportunities and risks.
  • Customer needs analysis: Understand in depth what your customers really need and how you can fulfill these needs better than ever before.

Development of the product strategy:

  • Vision and goal setting: Define a long-term vision and strategic goals for your product portfolio.
  • Product-lifecycle management: Plan the development, introduction, growth and renewal of your products.
  • Differentiation strategy: Develop unique value propositions that set your products apart from your competitors’.

Implementation strategy:

  • Roadmap development: Create a detailed roadmap that shows how and when to achieve your strategic goals.
  • Resource planning: Determine the resources and capacities required to implement your product strategy.

Final presentation:

  • Presentation of your product-strategy plan: At the end of the week, you’ll present your final product-strategy plan.
  • Feedback and optimization: Use the feedback from our experts to refine and adapt your strategy.

Your advantages:

  • Individual support: Work directly and intensively with our strategy experts.
  • Tailor-made solutions: Develop a strategy that is perfectly tailored to your company's specific needs and challenges.
  • Strategic clarity: Gain a clear perspective for the future and develop a plan that gives you a clear competitive advantage.

Who is the Product-Strategy Week suitable for?

This week is ideal for product managers, strategic planners and executives who want to rethink their product strategies or launch new product lines.

Are you ready to put your product strategy on the road to success?

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